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A CD Style Fixed Annuity is an insurance instrument with principal protection and a guaranteed interest rate. Like IRAs, fixed annuities enjoy the benefit of being tax deferred. This style of tax-deferred fixed annuity is also known as a Multi-Year Guaranteed AnnuitySimilar to bank Certificates of Deposit, interest rates are fully guaranteed for the entire contractual term. Like Scott Burns, we think this style of fixed annuity should be strongly considered by those searching to find the highest (best) available bank CD rates. While you may only be familiar with bank Certificates of Deposit when it comes to the safety of your funds, we suggest you give us a call or download our FREE report to discover the increased benefits of this style of fixed annuity. 


Incorporated in 2001, we (Elders Financial LLC) are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. As an independent general agent, we represent more than 50 insurance companies offering the tax-deferred fixed annuity. We realize the security of your funds is a foremost concern. Our definition of Guaranteed and Secure is that an annuity is contractually guaranteed by the insurer and secured by their assets and Federal and State insurance company operating regulations. is a great site to visit to gain greater insight and appreciation for the fixed annuity. Before leaving this web page, please book mark, or make note of our web page (  We also recommend that you download our FREE Beating the Bank report to become more comfortable with Elders Financial LLC and the CD Style Fixed Annuity.  .

CD Style Annuity:

A Comparison Bank
CD Style
Premiums not reduced by commissions
Liquidity options
Tax deferred compounded earnings
A guaranteed lifetime income option
Can pay to an heir generally without probate
May be considered exempt from creditors in most states

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