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Best US Bank CD Rates Alternative in Plano TX & Richardson TX

Why hunt for the best US Bank CD Rates offered in Plano TX & Richardson TX when we give you even better rates in a CD-Type Fixed Annuity?

Be proactive in managing your CD funds to earn the highest available interest rate.

It is natural as consumers to seek the highest possible interest rate. As interest rates go up and down, it is financially healthy to compare your current bank CD rates with other banks both locally, nationally, and even on the Internet. It can get very confusing to make these comparisons. Is it better to go with the best rate or the most familiar institution (bank)?

We suggest you consider the CD-Type Fixed Annuity!!!

Please check out the rates in the table on the top of this page. They are significantly higher than you'll find at any bank. In addition you will receive more generous free withdrawals, as well as tax deferral.

We suggest you respond to the contact form on this site or give us a call if you'd like to beat what's currently being offered at banks as interest rates on CDs. As Independent agents we can provide you with a wide variety of CD-Type Fixed Annuity rates and options.

CD Style Annuity:

A Comparison Bank
CD Style
Premiums not reduced by commissions
Liquidity options
Tax deferred compounded earnings
A guaranteed lifetime income option
Can pay to an heir generally without probate
May be considered exempt from creditors in most states

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