Low Bank CD Rates

If you have been disappointed in low bank CD rates, you have joined a very long line of disappointed investors.  Reality is that as long as the Fed does not raise rates and the banks are financially supported by the system, rates will be going no where.

Five years ago I was answering questions about whether rates would go higher on bank CDs and other low risk, safe investments, and I was saying they can’t go any lower.  Reality is that they have only gone lower.

When are interest rates going to start to climb?  Truthfully, I don’t think they’ll go higher in the near future because the Fed has said they don’t intend to raise rates and the fiasco going on in Britain.

In the interim there are a number of things you can do to get the best, highest rates out there, and be prepared to start earning more when rates finally begin to climb.

In future blogs, we’ll talk about some of the actions and investments that make sense in this low US bank CD interest environment.

As the famous Will Rogers once said (paraphrasing),“It’s not the return ON my money it is the return OF my money.”  That’s what we believe as well, but we also want you to get the highest, safest yield possible.