Change is Hard!

If you are like most of the individuals we work with, you’ve had bank certificates of deposits for years-and-years.  Even with bank interest rates as low as they are, you are very reluctant to make a change to something you aren’t familiar with, or even worse, may have heard some negative things about.


It is hard to leave the known (bank CD) for the unknown (fixed annuity). Particularly hard is that you are very, very familiar with FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), but don’t have a clue as to what make the fixed annuity guaranteed and secure.

As far as interest rates are concerned, depending on where you go, you can be quoted as low as .25% APY for a 1 year CD to 1.2% APY on a 5 year CD. If you are absolutely not going to leave the realm of the bank CD, then we suggest there are large National banks nearby that pay as much as 1.2% APY on the 1 year and as much as 1.85% APY on the 5 year.  Better than that, you can find Credit Unions and Internet banks that’ll get you up to 1.35% APY on the 1 year, and just over 2% APY.


It is our belief you should take the time to download our free report to see the withdrawal, tax, and interest rate advantages of the CD-Type Fixed Annuity.  You’ll also discover what makes them guaranteed and secure.


With interest rates at historical lows and your need for current or future income only getting greater, the CD-Typed Fixed Annuity is worth a second look, and yes deserving of your consideration to make a change.


It is important to note that we are brokers, represent more than 50 insurance companies, and our focus is to provide you the highest interest rates available.  Further, we only work with individuals face-to-face (in our office or at your home), and all applications and checks are written to the annuity company provider.

Your Answer to Better Bank CD Rates


It would be amazing if we could step into a time capsule and experience interest rates like those of the Jimmy Carter presidency – – –  money markets were in the double-digits, and I remember having a 15% bank CD.  Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen any time soon, and probably not again in my lifetime.


Reality is that we just have to do the best we can to make “money smart” decisions!!!!


Right now if you go to your local bank, you’ll be lucky to make more than .25% APY on a one year CD, and much over 1.25% APY on a five year CD.  To do better, I suggest you go to your local credit union, or if you trust online security, try an Internet bank.  You’ll find that the credit union will get you close to or above 1.5% APY and the Internet bank at or just above 2% APY on a 5 year CD.   That’s better, but in my estimation, not good enough.  A minimum goal should be to keep pace with inflation.


Really think it would be good for you to explore this web site, to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the CD-Type Annuity.


For those of you looking for the best jumbo CD bank rates, if you found a five year with a minimum of 3% APY would you jump all over it?  I think so!!!!


Check out our rates on the CD-Type Annuity.  Whether you only want a  one year term or willing to go longer for higher guaranteed rates, this CD alternative far exceeds what you’ll receive at a banking institution.  Yes, there are differences, and they need to  be explored and understood before making any decision.    For that reason, I suggest you download our free report, Beating the Bank.


Think it is important to make it clear,  these rates are being provided by large insurance companies.  Our function is to find you the highest CD-Type Annuity rates offered in Texas.  Our primary focus is North Texas, and specifically, Richardson, Carrolton, Plano, Allen, Flower Mound, and McKinney.  Any application taken is done face-to-face, any check written is made out to the insurance company issuing the policy.


With today’s bank interest rates so low and the need for guaranteed income so important, please consider the higher interest rates we provide through our contracted insuring companies.   The unfamiliar is sometimes worth your time and effort if the reward is sufficient.  We believe, the better rates provided by the CD-Type Annuity meets that criteria.


Take some time on our site, pull the download, and consider providing contact information.  We certainly welcome questions and phone calls.