Trump or Clinton – – – Doesn’t Matter

We are all about getting a safe, competitive return on your money.  In fact we really, really like to quote Will Rogers – – –  “It’s not the return ON my Money it is the return OF my Money that’s got me concerned.”  That pretty much describes our philosophy, but we also want you to have a few extra $$$ more than the bank provides.

Now about Clinton or Trump.  Whoever might win the upcoming election, we believe the markets are ready to show displeasure.  Why????  Because, they don’t like change or uncertainty.

Are we right???  Frankly, we have about as much likelihood of that as the next guesstimator.  What we do know is that money is always at risk in the markets when higher gains are sought, and there is something called “volatility” that means what goes up comes down at varying speeds, just a matter of when.

If you do have a concern about protecting your funds and getting a yield that’s better than the bank, please explore the CD-type annuity that’s discussed on this web site.

It is important to note that we are brokers, represent more than 50 insurance companies, and our focus is to provide you the highest interest rates available.  Further, we only work with individuals face-to-face (in our office or at your home), and all applications and checks are written to the annuity company provider.